Intel, Foxconn Technology Group and Asia Pacific Telecom Showcase 5G-Ready Smart Applications

(December 5, 2017, Taipei) Today, Foxconn Technology Group, Asia Pacific Telecom, Intel and a technical alliance comprised of elite members of the technology industry and academia unveiled for the first time a showcase of new applications based on the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) 5G solution.  The showcase includes residential access control, facial-recognition retailing, a virtual shopping service, and a pay-via-face identification entertainment service using advanced facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence (AI) based on MEC.  This is the first time this technology has been demonstrated publicly after the collaboration announcement between Intel and Foxconn Technology Group announced in 2016.  Asia Pacific Telecom will be responsible for developing and delivering the service to customers.

“The successful collaboration allows us to develop new applications based on the MEC platform.  Connecting to the Asia Pacific Telecom mobile network, we are able to showcase the most competitive facial recognition solutions on the market today,” noted Fang-Ming Lu, Corporate Executive Vice President of Foxconn Technology Group & Chairman of Asia Pacific Telecom.  “Wireless cameras can connect to the Internet via Small Cell radio access nodes offered by Asia Pacific Telecom and transmit the captured image to the facial recognition engine to be processed on the local MEC platform. The low-latency, high-speed computing and assessment capability allows the system to deliver the computing result in real time to achieve premium customer experience.”

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“MEC can accelerate the responsiveness of content, services and applications from the edge. This allows operators to offer a more efficient network and services with better experiences for the end users,” said Lynn Comp, General Manager of Visual Cloud Division, Network Platforms Group at Intel. “The result of the 5G technology collaboration between Intel, Foxconn Technology Group and Asia Pacific Telecom in developing future technologies and demonstrating the value of MEC is an important foundation for 5G technology development that connects the edge to the cloud.”

The MEC solution provides a variety of server options that fit different application scenarios. Servers installed at different locations can be managed and monitored in a centralized manner via MEC Controller. The solution supports multiple wireless/wired network access options, making the deployment more convenient and flexible. The MEC solution is developed from the integration of Intel’s Network Edge Virtualization (NEV) SDK with open source software DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) which together provide the 5G high-speed connectivity by delivering edge computing capability.

Foxconn Technology Group, Intel and Asia Pacific Telecom have led the industry in delivering 5G-ready facial recognition applications in the area of security, entertainment and financial transactions. According to the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute, the global production value of 3D facial recognition is estimated to reach US$1 billion by the end of this year and further expand to US$7.3 billion by 2021. The production value could grow by six times in merely four years highlighting that facial recognition will become a major application in the 5G era and be regarded as a benchmark for the new era of high-tech smart living.

Facial Recognition Access Control Improve the accuracy of home and office access control

MEC incorporates with facial recognition systems to provide a high-speed, large-scale authentication capability. It can connect with the access control system to provide immediate blacklist alerts or VIP notification. In addition to a security upgrade, this technology also provides VIP retail customers with an exclusive and prestigious experience. For organizations’ employee attendance management systems, this technology can accelerate the clock-in and clock-out process. The integration of facial recognition technology and access control systems can enhance security within homes and offices.   It can also simplify the visitor registration and authentication procedures by signing up visitors online via mobile apps.

Facial Recognition Smart Retailing Complete the face scan in 0.03 seconds, which further enhances the protection of personal financial transactions and helps to realize the vision of self-service store

In a smart retail scenario, one of the greatest challenges for retailers is to strike the balance between innovation, the security of payment authentication tools, and the consumer experience. MEC and facial recognition systems used in smart retail can complete the payment authentication process within 0.03 seconds. This reduces the risk of personal information leakage and credit card fraud. Facial recognition is expected to be introduced to a variety of industries as the means of payment authentication, without the need of cash or credit cards. The technology will also be connected to the payment system in the future enabling a more convenient shopping experience.

Facial Recognition Shopping MallCustomize an exclusive smart-shopping experience for consumers

When applied to a department store or shopping mall, MEC and facial recognition systems can provide historical shopping behavior data of consumers to the shops so they can make personalized recommendations to their customers.   For example, apparel boutiques can use MEC to quickly download 3D virtual apparel and accessories for consumers to try on via a virtual mirror. This not only makes the shopping experience more personal for the consumer, it reduces the amount of space required for inventory.  Shops can use facial recognition technology to record customer’s personal profiles and display targeted advertisements via MEC according to the customers’ age, gender and category (VIP). The technology can be used in shopping malls to deliver indoor navigation, a 360-degree panoramic view, to store information and for promotions. With the solid back office service offered by MEC and the mobile app, users can enjoy a new shopping experience navigated by this technology.

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